The internet in my town (Maybe into Latinoamerica)

I´m in the middle: in the right hand the customer that really need more bandwith, and in the other hand the provider can´t carry us aditional bandwith.

My town is Loja , it´s about 600 km, from Quito.

In my country, seamless latinoamerica, exists two technological center, the country´s capital Quito, and the comercial´s capital Guayaquil, in these cities the facilities and services are improved each day. It´s not our reality.

I´m working whit my group and the University that I belong, in change that.

I remember in 1998 we have 64 kbps bandwith, 5 years later we grewth to 1500 kbps, and in the middle of 2008 we´ll have 50000 kbps, but I´m sure will be don´t enough.

The costs change so, en 1998 each one kbps was about 125 us dollars, in 2003 was about 5.33 us dollars and now in the 2008 the is aproximadly 0.10 cents.

The technology change so, in 1998 satellite, in 2005 we use microwave and now the connection is across to optical fiber.

We are closer to change, the future has other face, is the change of the era, near to the zero day. But the people is ok ?. The impact is similar to when you see acrros the lock of the door and now you open the door, maybe is very cold, the vision area is the door`s boundaries. When we made the step for leave the door ?

Nevertheless, to the next day to the zero day the customer will need more bandwith and the provider will have a smile in your face.

And the soho user?, their always are the last in have lower cost and better technology.


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