I write it before I forgot it


I have a Laptop IBM thinkpad t40 with ubuntu fiesty, a Freshtel FT-102 VoIP USB Phone, an sip server, and linphone sip client.

When I used the VoIP phone, the mic doesn´t function. I fix the problem change de xpad.c y recompiling de module. (

After I use the commands

sudo alsamixer -c 1(1 is the VoIP soundcard VoIP phone index identifier. )

With this I turn on the VoIP phone mic and sound card.

Next, save de soundcard config with

sudo alsactl store 1

Finally setup the linphone sip client and enjoy it ( If your configs doesn´t save it, change the permission at ~/.gnome2/linphpone)


2 Responses to USB PHONE VoIP INSTALL ubuntu

  1. Cecilia says:


    Congrats!! Great!

  2. Alfred says:

    I am interested to get an USB phone working on ubuntu also but when I checked the freshtel Ft-102, it works with Firefly which is supposed to be installed in Windows only ?

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