How is the people against AH1N1 infection in my work place ?

Recently a local newspaper  showed a note about the AH1N1 infection in my city , most fast than a bullet this news made echo into my coworkers.

Now the intensity of their reactions are increasing.

First their conversations was low hallway conversations, but now is a permanent main topic in all meeting formal or informal.

Second when the people know about this they joke about it(myself), but now all people is concerning (paranoid) about.

Third now exist a witch hunt, all tourist returning to work are suspects and they start to be treated in a discriminated manner.

What we do make ???

No paranoid, the people going to stay the calm, speak about real facts (confirmed infection cases), no about rumors, and meet the local health considerations into the prevention and correction.

No negligence, “if the river sounds, rocks is with him”, the local authorities would begin immediately prevention campaigns and quickly and effective actions to avoid propagation.

If you are sick and the symptons match the AH1N1, is time to go to hospital. Remember is for your relatives and friends.


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